Join The Most Powerful Brotherhood of Kingdom Founders In 2024

We’re Making 6-Packs, 7-Figures and Healthy Families Great Again

Build Your CUSTOM Blueprint for Success

Through proven frameworks, daily accountability and a robust community, you will experience deep fulfillment, purpose and profitability.

Build Your Mind

Instantly transform procrastination into ruthless discipline using tactics from top mindset experts, successful founders and CEO's. Success and fulfillment are inner games.

Build Your Momentum

Set 90 day goals aligned with your vision and experience the confidence of a step-by-step framework, along with daily accountability from men inside our brotherhood. Iron actually sharpens iron.

Build Your Body

Discover how to leverage your body for massive confidence, clarity and a never-ending fuel source. Utilize The Starting Line coaching to push through plateaus and gain actionable,

predictable results in your physical body.


Proven Ops & Marketing Systems & Culture-Building Frameworks

Swipe proven marketing frameworks,

high-level leadership skills, as well as robust team and culture-building modalities from proven and world-class systems, softwares, leaders and mentors.

Build Your Spiritual Connection

Overflow your spiritual foundation & connection to God in everything you do for a bigger purpose. As a pastor for 13 years before stepping into business, Cody's heart here is to align you to your unique calling and find deeper relationship with Christ.

Build Your Brotherhood

Join a group of real men building real businesses while leading real families that are pushing each other to be more, do more, and have more with a common tie to faith, family, fitness and financial abundance.

Roundtable Benefits

Stop wasting time on programs that focus on one or two areas of life without addressing it all.

Real Business Mentorshp

Utilizing proven frameworks based on EOS and Scaling Up, gain REAL tactical strategy on how to grow and scale your endeavours in any vertical.

Eliminate Self-Sabotage

Leverage a proven system of daily structure to overcome challenges and transform them into massive growth opportunities.

Weaponize Your Body

In Roundtable, you will gamify your fitness with done-for-you fitness plans and meal plans, based on your goals, as well as daily fitness tracking with MyZone.

Unprecedented Clarity

Make your ‘impossible’ goals real and lean on expert business strategy for stable growth, inevitable scale and all while buying your time back.

Faith-Based Brotherhood

Join a circle that leads with faith and moves the kingdom of God forward to create a massive ripple effect, starting in our homes.

One-on-One Coaching

Set clear targets every 90-days with an accountability plan and monthly 1:1 call with your Success Coach to dominate your goals.

Weekly Training

Master your habits, expand your heart, own your health and clear your head with ongoing training 2X per week.

Elite Referral Network

Get access to the most elite network of business referrals for any question, service or expert you’ll ever need.

And everything you need to become the man that not only walks into a room and everyone notices, but who also goes home fully certain and confident of the man he is, privately.

Not simply because you’re "successful" on paper, but because there is a peace in knowing who you are, what you stand for and how you can serve from a place of abundance (not proving)....

Is that you?

How It Works






Onboard + Custom Plan

1:1 Onboarding Call To Map Out Your Specific Goals, Personally and Professionally


Tools & Systems

Lock in to proven tools and systems to create, sustain and scale your endeavors



Build community with other elite founders where iron sharpens iron


Life Changing Experiences

Experience life-changing events with your brothers, happening in-person monthly.

What Our Brothers Are Saying

“Roundtable is the real deal. What I’m most proud of is not the real estate deals I’ve done or the inspiration I’ve gotten from all the guys in the community; its the 6-pack that came back that I hadn’t seen since high school.”

- Jimmy Domer

Founder of Domer Properties

“I’m proud of who I am now and how I show up for myself, my wife, my kids and my teams.I’ve finally found a band of brothers who share my values and high expectations, which has led to much more confidence in who I am and how I lead.”

- Andy Raak

Founder of FunctionM

“Roundtable gives me the tools and accountability to make the decisions today and become the man I’m called to be today, because today’s decisions influence tomorrow’s results. Roundtable is where you truly step into personal discipline with the support of men like you.”

- Josh Shrock

“Roundtable brings clarity, and that clarity turns into action. Also, there’s a bonding that happens that, we as men, sometimes never experience. I can’t recommend it enough.”

- Justin Baker

Founder of Jay Primrose Properties

Who This Is For

This is for you if....

  • You want to LIVE into your legacy

  • You want to set the STANDARD for your family, team and community

  • You want to be the OBVIOUS choice

  • You want to be a part of a band of brothers on a similar mission

  • You know theres more to life than “good enough”

  • You want to grow past what anyone has told you is possible

  • You recognize there is a call on your life greater than what you’re experiencing

This is NOT for you if....

  • You’re good with “good enough”

  • You’re looking for a quick fix

  • You’re not committed to your evolution

  • You prefer to work as a lone wolf

  • You’re content with mediocrity

What Other Founders Are Saying About Working With Cody

“I have the best relationship with my wife and kids now, and I’m a much happier and fulfilled person. I’m a much better leader to run my business. Cody has helped me focus on the needle movers as we’ve scaled our company. It’s truly been a life-changing experience and there won’t ever be a scenario where I’m NOT working with Cody.”


Scott Baxter

Founder and CEO of PlayYourCourt

“Cody is in a league of his own when it comes to attentiveness and knowledge. When you make the decision to work with Cody, get ready because he is going to change your outlook on every aspect of your life and you will never be the same again. Cody is the most impactful coach I’ve ever worked with.”


Mike Claudio

Founder and CEO of WinRate Consulting

“The way that Cody takes men from pain into power is fantastic. Cody has a belief in the men he works with that is as deep as his belief in himself. I couldn’t recommend any higher than I do. You’ll be doing yourself a major favor having Cody in your corner.”


Keith Yackey

Founder of The Married Game

“Cody doesn't just want you to be good, he wants you to be on fire. He cuts through the BS and has this crazy gift of creating clarity to problems that you thought were unsolvable.”


Travis Koepke

Founder and CEO of Rocky State Storage

"I had come to a point where I didn't know who I was or what I wanted. I was burned out. In working with Cody, I was able to step OUT of the fear and INTO a future of promise. I have the opportunity to lead tens of thousands of people. Cody walking alongside me made all this possible and more."


David Waldy

Founder of Ardent Man

"Working with Cody has led to me being able to step out of ministry as a career and into helping teams and organizations lead their teams better. I am earning more monthly than I used to in 6 months, which allows me to be present with my daughter, my wife to be home, and for us to make a greater impact."


Kyle Sullivan

Founder of Unleash The Champ

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